There are like black clouds dancing over the fields, any day, any time of the year, flying constantly between their roosting woods and the open farmlands.

As Córdoba grew into consideration as one of the best dove hunting spots on earth, we committed ourselves to achieve the highest standards in outfitting service.

Our in-depth knowledge of the area, heartwarming hospitality, and the distinctive touch of local culture are the foundations for fulfilling the best bird hunting day of your life.

What does your perfect hunting day look like?

Choose from our specials or get in touch for tailor-made hunting trips.

Experience the best of contemporary comfort distinguished by a unique cultural and scenic combination

La Faustina

Owned and operated by people who share a deep love and knowledge of their surroundings, La Faustina brings together the convenience of modern life, outstanding Argentinian cuisine, and the enchantment of rural life.

Each room features an exceptionally comfortable queen-sized bed, air conditioning, private en-suite bathrooms, and WiFi.


Bringing your own guns from the States implies the risk that you lose plenty of time and money dealing with consular permits and lose a flight connection.

We have Benelli, Beretta and Browing in our gun racks for you to rent during your stay in our lodges. All 20 gauge shotshell. It is easier and the best choice. Your birdboy will make sure your gun is always clean and ready to shoot. Check out our RATES for more information.

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