There are not just some birds flying; there are black clouds dancing over our fields, any day, any time of the year, flying constantly between their roosting woods and the open farmlands.

If you enjoy hunting, you can't miss these 4 days/3 nights experience. On the arrival day, our staff welcomes you with lunch and get ready to go shooting that same afternoon. The next couple of days our routine starts at 700 am with a wake up call and homemade breakfast. We drive for no longer than 30 minutes to the shooting field. Each hunter has a bird boy assigned, to assist you with shells and drinks. You will be located in a hidden camouflaged spot. Everything is supervised by our dove scout. At noon, you return to the lodge for a classic argentine meal. You can get changed and even take a nap, depending on the time of the year. In the early afternoon you go back to shooting until the day declines. It is common for a single gun to shoot 1,000 birds in a day. Back in the lodge you will find a comfy rural entertaining environment with cocktails, beer, dove chest appetizers, pool and dinner off course. You cannot not have fun. Last day, after the morning hunt and lunch, we will take you to the airport to take your flight.

Our hunt is regulated by the environment secretary.

When you come and see, with your own eyes, the number of doves that inhabit in Córdoba, you will understand why it is considered the best dove hunting spot ever.


The eared dove

is a close relative of the North American mourning dove. The eared doves around Córdoba do not migrate. The weather conditions, the roosting close to the hills, feeding from the many seeds of the crops, make all a perfect place for doves to breed almost continuously. There are reckoned to be between 23 million and 50 million of these doves in the fields of Córdoba. Its flight is high, fast and direct, with the regular beats and an occasional sharp flick of the wings which are characteristic of pigeons in general.

Native pigeons

in Argentina are big, blue-gray similar to those that walk around our city parks. Having woods for roosting and food in quantity, the pigeons are also found in great number. Although their habits are similar to those of the dove, the hunt uses stationary decoys like that of the duck. Plus, they fly fast as the Quail making this game a complete unnoticed challenge.


Bringing your own guns from the States implies the risk that you loose plenty of time and money dealing with consular permits and lose a flight connection.

We have Benelli, Bereta and Browing in our gun racks for you to rent during your stay in our lodges. All 20 gauge shotshell. It is easier and the best choice. Your birdboy will make sure your gun is always clean and ready to shoot, Check out our RATES for more information.

The Lodges

Estancia la Paz

doves and golf,
history and luxury

Nestled in the heart of the Sierras Chicas in Cordoba, Argentina… km from the local airport, Pueblo Estancia La Paz, is conceived as the ideal place to live and enjoy the rural life without losing the comfort and the amenities provided by the services of a modern urbanization.

Los Molles

Doves and farm land,
custom-built lodge for hunters

Our beautiful lodge is 14,000 square feet and located on 40 acres of land to disconnect yourself and relax while watching how many doves fly in the sky. It has seven bedrooms including a master suite and six other rooms with two beds in each. All rooms have private en-suite bathrooms.

GH Boutique

Pigeon hunt

In the city of Frias, only three blocks away from the commercial heart of the city, we choose this boutique hotel for its innovative, comfortable architecture and personalized attention. GH is modern and pleasant. Each room has queen beds, LCD, frig bar, AC and amenities.


Estancia la Paz

(Dove hunt or Golf)

u$s 500
per person per night
based on shared occupancy.

Los Molles

(Dove hunt)

u$s 300
per person per night
based on shared occupancy.

GH Boutique

(pigeon hunt)

u$s 500
per person per night
based on shared occupancy.


Lodging; All inclusive meals, house wine, beer, and local spirits; Transfer to and from the lodge to the airport; Transfer to and from the lodge to the shooting field; Professional guide service and field assistants.

Not Included:

Gratuities for birdboys (u$s50 per day) and house and field staff ($200); Air Tickets; Gun entry permits; Gun Rental ($75 per day) Hunting License ($65 per day) and Shells (u$s13.50 per box). Golf (u$s200 during a hunting day).

Prices are in USD
please CONTACT US for an accurate quote.

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